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DIY Introduction

Introduction to DIY Perfume

Customers can select their favorite combination of top note, middle note and base note and the proportion. The minimum option is 10% and in the unit of 10% to fill up to a total of 100%. That means up to 10 different scents can be chosen. It gives customers a huge freedom to create a unique perfume.
After chosen your favorite combination, you can pick your scented finished product, like fragrance, perfume, shampoo, foam bath, lotion and conditioner. We have a customization service which is print a specific message required by the customer.

Recommended combination:

1. Conqueror
Fresh marine dominates, with a tip of citrus, lavender and spicy scent, supported by leather and woody base note. Suggested for male.
Formulation: Grapefruit and Bergamot: 10%; Ocean Marine: 30%; Lavander and sage: 10%; Leather and Patchouli:50%
2. Queen
Rose is the main theme of this fragrance. With a tip of tuberose and ylang scent adds a spicy character. A lily and freesia scent smoothens the whole scent. Supported by woody base note. Suggested for women.
Formulation: Rose: 30%; Tuberose and ylang: 10%; Sandalwood and woody: 40%; Lily and Freesia:20%
3. “Tea” Time
Lime and white tea scent gives out a relaxing and comforting idea. Blending with a tip of spicy scent from lavender and sage makes it unique. The floral scent provides a comfortable background. Suggested to use before sleep to settle the nerves.
Formulation: Lime and white tea: 50%; Lavender and sage: 10%; Lily and Freesia: 40%
4. New Born
Powdery scent gives a comfortable feeling, just like being a baby. Added rose scent enhances the comfortableness. Suitable for customers who are looking for baby powdery scent.
Formulation: Rose: 20%; Sandalwood and woody: 10%; Baby powdery and Musky: 70%